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100 Years of Maori Rugby

100 Years of Maori Rugby
Since that first game 100 years ago, New Zealand Maori rugby teams have been an inspiration for generations of young, talented players – offering a pathway to sporting excellence, and providing New Zealand with a representative team renowned for its pride, tenacity and moments of sheer sporting brilliance.

When the New Zealand Maori rugby team played their first ever game and won, they set the standard for all the games to follow.

They also established a playing culture and style for which they have since become famous, in New Zealand and around the world.

100 years New Zealand Maori rugby

Rau Tau:
One hundred years of the New Zealand Maori rugby team
In 2010 the NZRU and Maori rugby are recognising the 100 years of outstanding contribution which Maori rugby has made to New Zealand rugby.

The three-match “Sealord New Zealand Maori Centenary Series” will take place in June and includes two internationals.

The first match will be against Ireland in Rotorua and the second, five days later, against England in Napier.

The opening match of the Sealord Series will be in Whangarei against the New Zealand Barbarians.

This match will also be the first game played at the newly built Northland Events Centre.

Title: 100 Years of Maori Rugby
Date of Issue: 9 June 2010
Country: New Zealand
Denominations: 50c, $1.80

Source: NZ Post

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