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110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai

110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai

Macau post issued a set of stamps and a Souvenir Sheet to commemorate 110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai, a great Chinese musician.

The stamps features forty glorious years of Xian Xinghai’s life, his birth in Macau in 1905, studies in Paris in 1934, life as a conductor in Yanan in 1939, passing in Moscow in 1945.

The Souvenir Sheet with superimposed figures of stamps and four coloured connected background gives prominence to the musician’s heroic posture of holding the baton.

110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai

110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai

Xian Xinghai (1905-1945), a native of Fanyu, Guangdong Province,composed one of the greatest pieces of music of the 20th century. He was influenced by western classical music and has influenced generations of Chinese musicians.

Xian Xinghai is best known for his Yellow River Cantata upon which the Yellow River Concerto for piano and orchestra is based.

As his father had died before he was born, he moved frequently in his early life with his mother. Xian Xinghai moved with his mother to Singapore when he was six years old, he was enrolled in Yangzheng Primary School for his primary education. It was while at Yangzheng Primary School that he took his first step into his musical career.

In 1934 he was the first Chinese student to enroll at the senior composition class of the Paris Music Academy. In Paris, Xian spent much time working part time to earn a living.

Xian became the most outstanding student in the class and received an award from the college.

Xian returned to China in 1935 to the Japanese occupation of the northeastern part of the country. Using his music as a weapon to protest the occupation, he took part in patriotic activities.

During the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), he wrote vocal works that encouraged the people to fight the Japanese invaders, including Saving the Nation, Non-Resistance the Only Fear, Song of Guerrillas, The Roads Are Opened by Us, The Vast Siberia, Children of the Motherland, Go to the Homefront of the Enemy, and On the Taihang Mountains, among others.

He also composed the background score for progressive movies, such as Revive, Thunderstorm, Sunrise and Midnight Song in China.

Xian Xinghai came to Yan’an, where he accepted a position as Dean of the Music Department at the Luxun Conservatory of Music. It was in Yanan that Xian achieved the peak of his artistic creation.

In May 1940, Xian went to the Soviet Union for a final-period manufacturing and background musical composition of the full-length documentary Yan’an and the Eight Route Army. In the Soviet Union, Xian led a hard life and was poorly treated.

Due to his exposure to the hard life, lack of nutrition, famine and suffering, Xian died of pulmonary disease on October 30, 1945 at age 40.

110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai

110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai

Title: 110th Birth Anniversary of Xian Xinghai
Date of Issue: 13 June 2015
Country: Macau
Denominations: 2.00, 3.00, 4.50 and 5.50 patacas, SS 12.00 patacas

Source: www.macaupost.gov.mo

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