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125 year of Hungarian Tournament Association

Magyar Post issued a stamps to celebrate 125th anniversary of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation.

The Hungarian Gymnastics Federation in 1885 – barely four years after the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has been established – founded in 1898 and was admitted into the FIG, the first few years after World War II were excluded. The Alliance has expanded since its foundation in many disciplines: sports acrobatics (1949), rhythmic gymnastics (1954), aerobics (1991), All Tournament (1997) and Trampoline (2002). There are currently seven areas of specialization, 114 clubs and department, confirmed about 2600 riders.

The Hungarian gymnasts first major international profile of the Athens Olympics in 1896, it was. Since then, the gymnastics disciplines 14 gold, 11 silver and 13 bronze medals of the world’s most successful participants in sporting events. The FIG gymnastics world cup since the first official (Luxembourg, 1930), the Hungarian artists play a crucial role in the international tornásztársadalomban.

Hungary in three gymnastics (1934, 1983, 2002) and rhythmic gymnastics world championships held in three (1963, 1996, 2003). In addition, many so-called. gymnast hosted a world of our country: FIG Congress (1934), FIG Symposium (1983, 2005), FIG coaching symposium (1999), the Coaching Academy (2005) World Cup (2008, 2009) and Grand Prix (2009). Addition to the above, we spent a decisive role in the 1982 European Gymnastics Federation was founded in life as well. Organized a successful gymnastics (1992, 2005), rhythmic gymnastics (1999) and aerobic (2003, 2007) European championships.

Title: 125 year of Hungarian Tournament Association
Date of Issue: 24 September 2010
Country: Hungary
Denominations: 140 HUF

Source: www.posta.hu

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