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150 Madach The Tragedy of Man

The Hungarian Post Co., with the purpose of supporting youth issues stamp every year for Youth called for additional charges for occasional stamps.

The tragedy of man’s creation, a Hungarian literature and drámaírás outstanding work and perhaps set the stage most of the poem Hungary. The home next to a warm welcome recognition of the value of work abroad. English, French, German, and the surrounding countries, many languages have been translated into other languages. The work is the first critical Madách good friend, Szontágh was due Madách who sent the manuscript of John Golden, who initially did not like the work, but later realized that it deemed too hastily when he said, it is only an imitation of Goethe’s Faust-jana.

The perusal of the Poet Laureate is also included in the revised manuscript, but the correspondence, only stylistic changes to them with spelling, so in any author Imre Madách view. The primary source of the creative process of 1850 round of duality 60s was a revolution and a general sense of despair over the fall over, and the compromise which has taken decades of prosperity in the beginning. As a result of the contradictory nature of the work, optimism and pessimism among csapongása. In addition to the national tragedy, personal memories Madách also had an impact on the Work, Eva, wife of the shape was inspired by disappointment.

The colors of the fifteen poems in the first three and last color of the frame or biblical color, while the inside its so-called eleven colors. Historical color. The colors of the author – the lyrical hero, Adam, or conductor, through the eyes of Lucifer – guides you through the Bible and world history earth “great moments” when the human figures of a new high with new ideals, moral decline and renewable felbuzdulással tökéletesedéséért face of humanity, Right sorsért, which nevertheless fall bukásból decline.

Title: 150 Madach The Tragedy of Man
Date of Issue: 3 May 2010
Country: Hungary
Denominations: 105 x 2, 105+50 x 2

Source: www.posta.hu

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