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150 years of establishment of ASTRA

150 years of establishment of ASTRA
In an atmosphere conducive to European revival and advocating for raising the national consciousness through culture Romanians in Sibiu, in November of 1861, the decision of the Constituent Assembly was established Asocia?iunea Transylvania to Romanian Literature and Culture of the Romanian People (ASTRA). Academic type company, ASTRA has struggled since its inception against denationalization and the rights of Romanians in Transylvania.

The most important means to preserve their role was assumed the creative potential of the Romanian people by disseminating knowledge and national cultural heritage. “So the intelligence of the Romanian people to work on the field reached the beautiful and life-giving literature and science, and continually seek ways, not fantastic, but real and honest to the light, grow, and happy people înavu?i.”

Main goal of the Association was maintaining cultural unity of the Romanians of paramount importance, contributing decisively to unify the state. The first president of the Association was elected Andrei Saguna, who would later become Bishop of Transylvania (1864) and honorary member of the Romanian Academy (1871).

Another milestone in the history of the Association is the publication in three volumes between 1898-1904, the first Romanian encyclopedias, “Encyclopedia of Romanian”. Opera, a covâr?itore importance to national culture, was coordinated by Cornel Diaconovici publicist.

Title: 150 years of establishment of ASTRA
Date of Issue: 15 July 2011
Country: Romania
Denominations: 3.00L, 9.10L

Source: www.romfilatelia.ro

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