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150 years of Jacobsen's Bookstore

150 years of Jacobsen’s Bookstore

Faroe post issued two stamps to mark the 150 years of the foundation of H.N. Jacobsen’s Bookstore founded in 1865 in Gongin.

H. N. Jacobsen stands for Hans Nicolai Jacobsen (1832-1919), colloquially known as Hans Niklái.

Jacobsen’s Bookstore

H.N. Jacobsen’s Bookstore is among the most distinctive places in the Faroe Islands.

Outside the building there are old trees dating back to the 1870s giving their special character to this important institution of Faroese literature, printing and publishing.

This was the site of the old secondary school until H. N. Jacobsen’s bookstore moved here in 1918 from the old premises in Gongin which accommodated the bookstore from 1865 to 1918.

After he passed away his daughter Sigrid Jacobsen Niclasen (1854-1927) assumed control of the business.

In the late 20th century, the entire business and enterprise was reorganized into a fund which it still is today.

150 years of Jacobsens Bookstore

Title: 150 years of Jacobsen’s Bookstore
Date of Issue: 29 September 2015
Country: Faroe Islands
Denominations: Kr 17.00, Kr 26.00

Source: Faroe Islands Post

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