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150 years of the Belarusian railway

150 years of the Belarusian railway

Belarus issued a postage stamps to mark 150 years of the Belarusian railway. In 1851 they began the construction of the Grodno-Porechie section of the St. Petersburg-Warsaw railway.

The movement on it started on December 15, 1862. This event marked the beginning of the rich history of the Belarusian railway, which in 2012 will be 150 years old.  Today the Belarusian railway is a modern, well-developed transportation system, the operational length of which is more than 5500 km.

The Belarusian Railway is the national state-owned railway company of Belarus. It operates all of the rail transport network in Belarus.

The company, formed in 1992 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, is one of the inheritors of the Soviet Railways. It administrates 5,512 km of railway with Russian broad gauge (1,520 mm). The railway’s most important station is Minsk Terminal, the central station of the capital.

The Belarusian Railway is answerable to the ministry of transport and as of 2010 was composed of 84 organizations; 46 enterprises , 38 institutions, and 7 factories/plants. The rail network is divided into 6 departments: named after the regions around Minsk, Baranovichi, Brest, Gomel, Mogilev and Vitebsk.

Against the map of the Belarus railways of the 19th century the stamp depicts a copy of a B class freight locomotive built by the Kolomna locomotive-building plant of the Moscow-Brest railway and Porechie railway station on the left. On the right there is an electric train for city lines.
150 years of the Belarusian railway

Title: 150 years of the Belarusian railway
Date of Issue: 1 August 2012
Country: Belarus
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