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170th Anniversary of Hong Kong Postal Service

170th Anniversary of Hong Kong Postal Service
The first post office in Hong Kong was opened on 25 August 1841, heralding the beginning of the local postal service. In response to subsequent socio-economic developments, our postal service has moved with the times, ever expanding and innovating to meet public demand. The year 2011 marks the 170th anniversary of postal services in Hong Kong. Hongkong Post issues a stamp sheetlet to commemorate the occasion.

Established in 1841, we are one of the oldest government departments in Hong Kong. For more than a century and a half, we have carried on the fine tradition of providing an efficient and reliable postal service at a reasonable price, earning recognition both at home and abroad. In 1995, we converted to a trading fund operation. We have succeeded in building a good corporate image by promoting a quality service culture, living up to our purpose statement of “Linking People, Delivering Business”.

The stamp sheetlet is divided into three parts. The buildings on the left and in the middle depict the old General Post Office set up in 1911 and the current General Post Office opened since 1976 respectively, with a shift of colour in the background from brownish red to light green, to echo the old red and new green posting boxes in the foreground, suggesting the passage of time. On the right, the globe surrounded by service brands of Hongkong Post and the “hummingbird” logo symbolises innovation and improvement in our service delivery to the world. The red Victorian Pillar-type posting box with the longest history (cast between 1837 and 1901) on the stamp is juxtaposed with its green modern version. The superimposed postmarks of 1841 and 2011 serve as a reminder of the 170 years of postal service in Hong Kong.

Title: 170th Anniversary of Hong Kong Postal Service
Date of Issue: 25 August 2011
Country: Hongkong
Denominations: HK$10

Source: www.hongkongpoststamps.com

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