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200th anniversary of Franz Liszt

200th anniversary of Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt in the nineteenth century was one of the most romantic composers, one of the greatest pianists of all time. First zongoraleckéit received from his father, who also played several musical instruments. The talented son of Sopron and Bratislava concert was 10 years old at the time when the public has a beautiful play of success. In 1822 her father went to Vienna, where Carl and Antonio Czernynél Salierinél studied.

Master than a very musical development was in good hands, but the fall of 1823 in Paris, has continued his studies privately. Decisively influenced the development of the French capital, intellectual and artistic elite. During his career he has repeatedly given a charity concert, for example. Pest to the flood victims in favor of a national or even your music establishment. Meanwhile, as a conductor is presented tatkozott and former fast-paced life period of the Weimar conductor period has been replaced, but after he met Sayn-Wittgenstein prince educated in Rome and moved with mostly church music compositions-tion dealt with, then the church music reform labored. Then he traveled Rome, Weimar and Pest. Such a journey through the life of a cold and 75th years who died of pneumonia.

Title: 200th anniversary of Franz Liszt
Date of Issue: 19 August 2011
Country: Hungary
Denominations: £ 600

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