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2010 Year of peace and security in Africa

Algerian post issued a stamp to mark 2010 as Year of peace and security in Africa. With the goal to end the wars that characterized some of the African continent, the African Union has declared the year 2010, the year of peace and security in Africa at the special summit in Tripoli (Libya) August 31, 2008.

The armed conflict every year kill thousands of people, cause humanitarian crises, destroying the country’s resources and impede any sustained economic development. One of the most serious consequences of these conflicts is the loss of hope for a better future.

In order to revive the hope among the peoples of Africa, the Heads of States are determined to put an end to the scourge of conflicts and violence on the continent, driven by the desire to mobilize all means and human resources necessary.

In January 2010, several African countries have received the flame of peace of the African Union, unifying symbol for all nations pledging to promote peace.

The campaign of peace and security in Africa will be crowned Sept. 21, 2010, the International Day of Peace which will be a unique moment of collective union by highlighting the objectives of the Year of Peace and Security and provide a stronger foundation for sustainable peace in Africa. A cease-fire and a cessation of all hostilities must be marked in all African areas of conflict during the day to show that peace was possible in Africa and that life is better without violence or conflict.

However, the initiative to promote peace, security and stability in Africa will not be limited to one day only but it will take several years and it will be an opportunity for African governments and institutions in collaboration with the international community, to celebrate successes and to review current efforts to promote peace in order to strengthen, build an important milestone in launching new initiatives to promote peace and security.

Title: 2010 Year of peace and security in Africa
Date of Issue: 21 July 2010
Country: Algeria
Denominations: 15.00 DA

Source: http://www.poste.dz/

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  1. Yes, WORLD PEACE. I really hope this world has no more merciless genocides. It’s so upsetting there’s so many atrocities going on in Darfur and too few people know about it. The NY International Film Festival gave its award of Best International Film to Attack on Darfur this September. Finally! A movie that puts the audience face to face with reality. Something has to be done, and this movie is a step in the right direction. The DVD will come out on 10/26!

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