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25th Anniversary of Gaisce – the President’s Award

Gaisce is a National Challenge Award given by the President of Ireland. It is the country’s most prestigious and respected individual award programme and is open to all young people between the ages of 15 and 25.

The challenge is set by individuals and agreed with a President’s Award Leader. President Award Leader’s include teachers, employers, youth leaders, Gardai and designated individuals in third level colleges. Every challenge is individual so the only other person the entrant competes against is themselves!

There are 4 different challenge areas: Community Involvement, Personal Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventure Journey. To earn an award, participants must take part in each of the 4 different areas. There are 3 levels of award in each area: Bronze, Silver and Gold, each reflecting different levels of time and commitment.

The stamp depicts Áras an Uachtaráin set as a backdrop with the Gaisce symbol in the foreground.

Title: 25th Anniversary of Gaisce – the President’s Award
Date of Issue: 11 March, 2010
Country: Ireland
Denominations: 55c

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