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2nd Africa-India Forum Summit

2nd Africa-India Forum Summit

India Post issued a set of 2 stamps to commemorate 2nd Africa-India Forum Summit depicting the African and Asian Elephants.

The 2nd Africa-India Forum Summit was aimed at consolidating trade ties between the two regions, which together account for a third of the world’s population.

Africa-India Forum Summit

The India–Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) is the official platform for the African-Indian relations which will be held once in every three years.

The two sides signed a cooperation framework to further bolster the economic relations that got a boost after the first India-Africa summit from April 4 to April 8, 2008 in New Delhi.

The second summit was held at the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, with India and 15 African Countries participating.

The leaders discussed significant aspects of the India-Africa partnership with the objective of enhancing and widening its ambit for mutual benefit.

They also signed a political statement — the so-called Addis Ababa Declaration — calling for comprehensive reform of the United Nations system including an expanded UN Security Council in which the partners have pledged each other’s support for a permanent seat.

Both India and China have turned to Africa to seek energy resources to power their fast-paced economies, but while China prefers government-to-government deals, Indian investment is mainly in the private sector.

Africa and India agree to continue their cooperation in the mentioned areas:

– Agriculture
– Trade, Industry and Investment
– Small and Medium Enterprises
– Finance
– Regional Integration
– Peace and Security
– Civil Society and Governance
– Cooperation in Science, Technology, Research and Development
– Cooperation in health,culture and sports
– Cooperation in Tourism
– Cooperation in Infrastructure, Energy and Environment
– Cooperation in Media and Communication

Title: 2nd Africa-India Forum Summit
Date of Issue: 25 May 2011
Country: India
Denominations: 2500p, 500p

Source: India Post


  1. WHICH IS THE AFRICAN & WHICH IS THE INDIAN ELEPHANT ? As usaual Indian stamps leave a tail (tale)of mystry. Should the African be Rs.25/- of the Indian ? Or should both be Rs. 25/-. One will be for Airmail & the other being Rs.5/- be local. Should both not be valued the same so that the world can see both of them ? Q’s India Post needs to answe, maybe when there is a better Postal Board with a sensitive Head.

  2. The 25r stamp is the African elephant. African elephants have larger ears than Indian elephants.

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