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50th Anniversary of Amnesty International

50th Anniversary of Amnesty InternationalAn Post issued a stamp to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Amnesty International.

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement that campaigns for internationally recognised human rights for all, regardless of political or religious affiliations. It was founded on 28 May, 1961, after a British lawyer, Peter Beneson was reading an article in a newspaper while he was on the London underground, on his way to work. It told the story of two students in Portugal who had been jailed for raising a toast to freedom.

Soon after, he had a letter published in The Observer, London, and other international newspapers, about these ‘forgotten prisoners’ and this attracted over 1,000 offers of support, enough for the launch of Amnesty International. Shortly afterwards, in 1962, its Irish section was launched. Sean MacBride, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs and a recipient of a Nobel peace prize, was very involved with Amnesty International in its foundation years.

Title: 50th Anniversary of Amnesty International
Date of Issue: 30 June 2011
Country: Ireland
Denominations: 55c

Source: www.irishstamps.ie

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