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50th Anniversary of the first RTÉ Broadcast

50th Anniversary of the first RTÉ Broadcast
An Post issued three stamps commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the first Irish television broadcasts. The stamps feature TVs and a hand-held device, which evoke a sense of the Past, Present & Future. On the screens are iconic images of The Late Late Show host Gay Byrne, children’s TV presenter, Emma O’Driscoll, on the set of Hubble and renowned newsreader, Anne Doyle.

The Late Late Show showcased many debates and controversies, alongside music, song, comedy and celebrity interviews, and transformed the boundaries of what could be publicly discussed. Its continuing place at the top of the Television ratings is testimony to its uniqueness as an Irish Television format.

RTÉ now provides up to 12 hours daily of Young People’s Television, giving today’s Irish youngsters their own TV brands. Young people can see themselves, their Ireland and their lives on RTÉjr and TRTÉ. From the first days of Irish Television Daithí Lacha, Brogeen Follows the Magic Tune, Amuigh Faoin Spéir and Wanderly Wagon introduced a range of formats and, more recently, The Den and Hubble have in turn become part of young Irish life.

Television’s first News bulletins added the face of the studio newsreader to the familiar radio voice. Now News delivery has expanded almost beyond recognition, with live reports and interviews from every corner of the globe. And yet the face and voice in the studio continue to play a vital role. The newsreader is the trusted presence confirming the public’s faith in its broadcast news.

Title: 50th Anniversary of the first RTÉ Broadcast
Date of Issue: 24 November 2011
Country: Ireland
Denominations: 3 x 55c

Source: http://www.anpost.ie

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