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60 Years of Friendship between Israel and Canada

On November 29, 1947 Canada was one of 33 nations to support United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, the plan to partition Palestine into separate states, one Arab and one Jewish. With Canada’s de jure recognition of Israel on May 11, 1949, a dynamic and enriching relationship began. Israel established a consulate general in Montreal in 1949. In 1953, embassies were opened in Ottawa and Tel Aviv.

Dialogue and cooperation have been the underlying tone of the interaction between the governments and peoples of Canada and Israel. Already in the mid-nineteenth century, Canadian pilgrims and tourists visited the Holy Land and representatives of the Jewish communities in the Eretz Israel turned to their brethren in Canada.

Through the next 100 years these connections grew to include migration, settlement, exploration, education, investment, trade, philanthropy, missionary work and military action. When official relations were established, the areas of cooperation blossomed. Numerous treaties and agreements between Israel and Canada and its provinces have facilitated the sharing and exchange in areas of law, science, medicine, technology, culture, sports and the arts. Trade relations that go back more than a century when wines and Jaffa oranges reached Canadian markets, envolved into the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement of 1998 and an expanding bilateral movement of goods which surpassed the billion dollar mark in 2004.

Despite the geographic distance, the friendship between the two nations has deepened through states visits of Canadian and Israeli prime ministers, government ministers, elected representatives, supreme court judges and trade missions. Cooperation between Israel and Canada is expressed in many quarters including legal and judicial matters, science, transportation, academic research, health, security and agriculture.

Title: 60 Years of Friendship between Israel and Canada
Date of Issue: 14 April 2010
Country: Israel
Denominations: 4.60 nis

Source: www.israelpost.co.il

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