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75 years record flight Elly Beinhorn

75 years record flight Elly Beinhorn

75 years record flight by Elly Beinhorn

German post issued a stamp to celebrate the 75 years of record flight made by Elly Beinhorn.

On 13 August 1935 Elly Beinhorn led by a flight of them – but also their airplane (the Bf 108 “Taifun”) – made famous.

It flew 13.5 hours in a distance of 3,470 kilometers.

The start was in Gliwice (now Gliwice, Poland).

The flight took them over the Carpathians and the Transylvanian Alps to the airport Ye ilköy in Istanbul.

After a short break, went back to Germany, to Berlin, where she was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.

E. Beinhorn aircraft, the Bf 108 was a four-seat Schnellreiseflugzeug, which reached up to 300 km / h. It was for that record flight equipped with additional fuel tanks.

Even before this record flight caused E. Beinhorn with their flights always cause a stir (1931 flight to Africa with crash, 1931/1932 world flight over the Far East, Australia and the USA, 1933 flight to the former German African colonies).

Thus it became the most famous German flier. Their takeoffs and landings attended thousands of people.

E. Beinhorn married in 1936, racing driver Bernd Rosemeyer.

Her husband was killed in 1938 died in a race. Because of the war could no longer pursue E. Beinhorn their passion.

After the war, interest in such record flights had gone out. E. Beinhorn died in October 2007 at the age of 100 years in Munich.

Title: 75 years record flight Elly Beinhorn
Date of Issue: 12 August 2010
Country: Germany
Denominations: 0.55 €

Source: German Stamps

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