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Adopted and Adored Dogs

Adopted and Adored Dogs
Australia post made a special stamp issue to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership and support the dedicated work of organizations re-homing lost and abandoned dog.

Adopted and Adored Dogs

Australia has one of the highest levels of dog ownership worldwide, with an estimated 40 per cent of Australian households having at least one dog.

This means that there are around 4 million dogs nationwide.

But while Australia enjoys a high level of dog ownership, a high number of dogs are admitted into shelters.

During 2008-09, the RSPCA alone recorded 69,383 admissions into its shelters across the country.

Each of the dog featured in this stamp issue has been given a second chance.

All five have spent time in a shelter before being adopted into adoring new families.
Adopted and Adored
Title: Adopted and Adored
Date of Issue: 29 June 2010
Country: Australia
Denominations: 5 x 60c

Source: Australian Stamp

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  1. The dog second from right is our Daisy. She is the inspiration for the dog logo we have for Cha Cha Sam music for big-spirited kids and their grownups.

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