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Chunghwa Post will issue a set of two stamps on the themes of anti-corruption and clean government to show support for international anti-corruption efforts.

The stamps feature a globe with a world map, as well as latitude and longitude lines. These lines, along with the map of Taiwan, form the Chinese character lian, which means “clean and honest.” “1209 International Anti-Corruption Day,” along with the Chinese characters with the same meaning, are printed, respectively, below and above the globe. The image conveys the idea that Taiwan is taking the lead in promoting clean and competent government and is determinedly implementing anti-corruption efforts. At the same time, the stamps express the idea that Taiwan is taking active steps to march in step with international society and is firmly behind international anti-corruption efforts.

Title: Anti-Corruption
Date of Issue: 9 December 2009
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$5.00, NT$25.00

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