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Archaeological site of Kernav? – Lithuania

The archaeological site of Kernav? is an outstanding representation of the cultural tradition of civilization and an exceptional illustration of buildings, architectural composition, and landscape of one of the periods of humankind history.

The complex ensemble of archaeological properties reflects the development stages of the settlement situated in the valley of the River Neris from the Stone Age to the 13th-14th centuries.

The State Cultural Reserve of Kernav? covers the territory of 194,4 ha. The entire complex of objects of cultural heritage preserved encompasses 18 archaeological, historical, and cultural properties. One of the properties, a group of five hill-forts, is the only and exceptional property in the region of the Baltic Sea. In the 19th century, the hill-forts were given the names of the Pilies kalnas, the Aukuro kalnas, the Mindaugo Sosto piliakalnis, and the Lizdeikos kalnas.

In July 2004, the archaeological site of Kernav? was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Title: Archaeological site of Kernav? – Lithuania
Date of Issue: 7 August 2010
Country: Lithuania
Denominations: 3 Lt x 2

Source: www.post.lt

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