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Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps

Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps spreading fragrance all over

Croatian Post issued beautiful Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps featuring Rosemary, lavender and Curry plant spreading fragrance all over.

Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe. It is a land where the hues of the sunny and warm Mediterranean happily blend with the tranquillity and freshness of mountains.

The region’s climate has given Croatia a wealth of diverse flora and fauna. Ferns, flowers, mosses, and common trees populate the landscape. Along the Adriatic Sea there are subtropical plants.

Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps

Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps

# Rosemary Plant

Rosemary is an aromatic, opulently branched evergreen bush. It contains a number of curative substances so that people have been using it since prehistoric times.

It is cultivated as decorative plant also in continental parts, but due to its sensitivity to frost it is necessary to protect it during winter.

Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis L., (Family of Lamiaceae) is an aromatic, opulently branched evergreen bush which can grow up to 1.5 or 2 metres. It has got woody stems, densely grown with linear leathery, leaves which are silver-white underside.

The flowers of bilabiate coronets are most often blue and rarely pink or white. They are up to 2 cm long and gathered in flower clusters at tops of offshoots. Rosemary blossoms from March to May and often again in autumn: in most favourable positions even during whole year!

Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps

# Lavender Plant

Curative or narrow-leaved lavender is a very aromatic and branchy evergreen bush. Since it successfully survives low temperatures, it is often cultivated in continental (even mountainous!) areas as decorative plant, but also a curative, honey-bearing and industrial plant.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill., Family of Lamiaceae) is a branchy evergreen bush reaching up to 1.5 m. Blue-greenish leaves are about 3 cm long and linear lanceted.

Bilabial flowers are of unusual blue-violet colour by which this colour nuance also got its name (Lavender) and are about 1 cm long and surrounded by bracts. They are gathered in dense, cylindrical flower clusters up to 10 centimetres long at the top of long stems.

Lavender blossoms from June to August. It prefers sunny habitats, but not dry land.

Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps

# Curry plant

Curry plant (immortelle) is aromatic and at its base a woody semi-bush. Although since ancient times appreciated as curative, immortelle has only in recent years become extremely popular in all parts of the world. Some sorts are cultivated also as small hedges (the plant withstands pruning very well).

Curry plant (immortelle) Helichrysum italicum (Roth) G. Don, family of Asteraceae is aromatic and at its base a woody half-bush reaching the height of about half a metre. Young branches are covered with small hair and linear leaves are often silver-white).

Gold-yellow flower heads (Latin name of the genus originates from the Greek word helios, sun, and chryson, golden) are 3 mm in diameter, built of tiny tubular flowers and surrounded by bracts.

More flower heads are clustered on tops of branches in umbel – an umbrella-like shield of flowers of a diameter up to 10 cm.

Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps

Title: Aromatic Croatian Flora Stamps
Date of Issue: 21 March 2016
Country: Croatia
Denominations: 2,8 HRK, 3,1 HRK, 4,6 HRK

Source: Croatian Post

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