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Australian Commonwealth Coinage 1910-2010

In 2010 it will be 100 years since Australia first issued coins in its own right as legal tender for the entire country. The Coinage Act had been passed the previous year, some eight years after Federation. The coins were produced at the Royal Mint in London, as Australia’s mints lacked the designers, engravers and tool-makers to undertake this work.

This first coin issue comprised the florin (2 shillings), shilling, sixpence and threepence, all of which were produced in 92.5% silver (sterling silver). The copper penny and halfpenny were not released until the following year. The pictorial design was the same on each of the 1910 coins, featuring the profile of King Edward VII on one side and the Australian coat of arms on the other. The stamp designs in this commemorative issue show the florin.

Title: Australian Commonwealth Coinage 1910-2010
Date of Issue: 23 February 2010
Country: Australia
Denominations: 55c, $2.75

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