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Aviation Centenaries – Gibraltar

Gibraltar post issued a set of stamps featuring the 100th Anniversary of Seaplanes depicting Henri Fabre flying Le Canard on 28th March 1910 making it the first seaplane to take off from water; the Supermarine S.6B: Schneider Trophy winner in 1931, the first aircraft to break the 400 mph barrier; the Short Sunderland from 204 Squadron, Gibraltar in 1941 and the Saunders-ROE Princess from 1952.

The aviation centenaries stamps feature Baroness Raymonde de Laroche, the first woman to obtain the pilot’s license on 8th March 1910; the first fare-paying passengers flown by DELAG’s Zeppelin LZ7 on 21st June 1910; Hubert Latham setting the altitude record at the time of 4,541ft. on Antoinette VII on 7th July 1910 and the Clément-Bayard No.2 – the first airship flight across English Channel on the 16th October 1910.

Title: Aviation Centenaries – Gibraltar
Date of Issue: 20 August 2010
Country: Gibraltar
Denominations: 10p, 42p, 49p, £2.00

Source: www.gibraltar-stamps.com

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