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Bangkok 2010 Stamp Exhibition

In this post I would like to present a small report of the amazing philately event which recently took place in Thailand. The 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition – BANGKOK 2010 was held on 4-12 August 2010, from 10:00 to 20:30 am at Bangkok, Thailand.

The exhibition came to be the amazing event among the philatelist world wide. There were large number of participants to exhibit their collection as well as various postal authorities were also present.

On the day of opening, 4th August, Thai post issued a special stamp featuring Thai silk, the world’s first all hand made production.

Amongst special stamps were 3D stamps, UV coating stamps, Material-affixed stamps, etc.

The exhibition was concluded on 12 August 2010 with the announcement of the 3 Grand winners of Bangkok 2010:
1. Grand Prix National : Foongvanich Prakit : Thailand : King Rama VI and King Rama VII
2. Grand Prix International : Gary Brown : Aden Postal History
3. Grand Prix d’ Honneur : Inoue Kazuyuki : Korean Postal History 1876 – 1910

Please send your comments and more info about the Exhibition.
All the Images provided by Tanawan from Thailand

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