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Christmas stamps 2016

Beautiful Christmas stamps 2016 celebrating the religious tradition

Let’s celebrate this festive season with beautiful Christmas stamps 2016, a miniature symbol of happiness, religious tradition, art, and culture.

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus, celebrated on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

The name ‘Christmas’ comes from the Mass of Christ. A Mass service is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.

Christmas is a time when family and friends come together and remember the good things they have.

People, and especially children, also like Christmas as it’s a time when you give and receive presents!

Popular modern customs of the Christmas celebration include gift giving, completing an Advent calendar, Christmas music, and caroling, lighting a Christingle, an exchange of Christmas cards and church services.

People also organizes a special meal, and display of various Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, Christmas lights, nativity scenes, garlands, wreaths, mistletoe, and holly.

Christmas Parol – Philippines

Christmas parol stamps philippines 2016

The Philippine Post released special “Parol” stamps featuring one of the most iconic symbols of Filipino Christmas spirit and goodwill.

The “lantern stamps” features a special or spot lamination which is different from other regular issued postage stamps.

The Christmas color of red, white, and green reflects the Filipino Christmas celebration which is colorful, lively and full of bright lights.

Traditionally, the Parol (lanterns) have a star-shaped framework made of bamboo sticks which are then covered by colored pieces of either Japanese or crepe paper. The most common form is a five-pointed star with two decorative “tails”.

Parol is a representation of the star of Bethlehem that was used by the Biblical Magi as marker of the birth place of the baby Jesus.

The star-shaped lanterns are displayed hanging outside the house, along the busy streets and small villages.

This kind of lantern was used by barrio folk to light their paths during the ritual yuletide dawn Masses called Misa de Gallo.

Date of Issue: 9 December 2016
Denominations:  P12 x 2, P17 x 2

Christmas Greetings – India

christmas greetings india 2016

India post issued beautiful stamps featuring Christmas tree and Santa Claus on his sledge.

Date of Issue: 23 December 2016
Denominations:  1000p, 2000p

Christmas Pixies – Danmark

christmas celebration danmark 2016

Danmark post issued five-stamp strip featuring pixies a perfect set of stamps for Christmas cards.

Date of Issue: 29 September 2016
Denominations: DKK 8,00 x 5

Christmas 2016 – Barn Elves – Sweden

christmas stamps sweden 2016

Date of Issue: 10 November 2016

New Year’s Wassailers – Slovenia

christmas stamps slovenia

Slovenia post issued three stamps Celebrating Christmas and New Year.

The three stamps are Grandfather Frost, New Year’s Wassailers and Orange with Cloves.

Grandfather Frost
Along with St Nicholas and Father Christmas, Dedek Mraz (“Grandfather Frost”) is one of the “three good men” who bring gifts to children and adults in December, at the end of the old year.

His appearance and activity are the consequence of conditions in society after the Second World War, when, in 1948, the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Slovenia instituted a celebration centred on the New Year’s fir tree.

New Year’s Wassailers
Wassailing was a very widespread tradition in Slovenia during the Christmas season and at the end of the old year and the start of the new one.

The tradition involved groups of wassailers going from house to house and reciting greetings, singing wassailing
songs or carols and even staging brief dramatic presentations.

They offered good wishes for health, fortune, and fertility in the new year to the inhabitants of the village or district.

Date of Issue: 4 November 2016
Denominations: A, B, C

Christmas Nativity – Monaco

Christmas nativity Monaco

During the Nativity Trail held between December 2015 and January 2016 in Monaco-Ville, the public had an opportunity to see around 50 nativity scenes from all four corners of the world.

The illustration on the stamp depicts an Italian nativity scene.

Christmas nativity Monaco

Date of Issue: 4 November 2016
Denominations: 0.80 €

Christmas 2016 – Romania

Christmas 2016 stamps Romania

To celebrate the nativity Romania post issued two stamps and a perforated souvenir sheet.

One of the stamps of the issue reproduces the image of an icon that is among those of the Twelve Great Feasts, the Nativity.

Christmas 2016 stamps Romania

Along with the icon of the Nativity, a Christmas flower completes the visual picture of this much loved of winter holidays.

A gift traditionally offered during the holiday season, is known as Poinsettia “Christmas Star”, “Flower of the Holy Night”.

Date of Issue: 11 November 2016
Denominations: 1.30 Lei x 2, 12 Lei

Christmas Ornament and Nativity – Austria

christmas ornaments Austria

A graphically reduced, pictogram-like representation, which uses a clear visual language to fill the traditional Christmas ball shape with content.

Every year, we decorate our Christmas tree with all sorts of glittering balls, bells, figures and tinsel, rustic with straw stars and nuts or sweet with chocolate stars and wind rings.

There are of course also the candles or today usually electric light chains, which bring the tree to light.

Date of Issue: 11 November 2016
Denominations: € 0, 80 x 2

Year end 2016 – Warm Wishes Belgium

christmas celebration Belgium

Postage stamps depicting knitted Christmas and New Year motifs refer to warm winter sweaters.

They evoke the warm atmosphere of the holiday season.

Date of Issue: 24 October 2016
Denominations: € 0.74, € 1.13

Christmas 2016 – Niue

christmas 2016 niue

Niue’s Christmas 2016 stamp issue is the result of a stamp design competition held by Niue’s primary and secondary schools.

Students were asked to design a stamp based on the theme ‘What does Christmas mean to you’?

The results were vibrant and eye-catching – with four winners selected from a range of age groups.

30c Bailey Pasisi, 7 years

Bailey’s vibrant drawing depicts a Pele Pele (golden grouper fish), which is found in Niue’s waters.

$1.40 Bentley Poihenga, 10 years

Bentley’s detailed illustration shows his family coming together to have a Christmas feast.

christmas 2016 niue FDC

$2.00 Iva Tanevesi, 13 years

Iva’s festive design symbolises families and friends giving and receiving gifts.

$4.00 Flornie R Malinao, 16 years

Flornie’s illustration is about sharing Christmas day with the people you love.

Date of Issue: 7 December 2016
Denominations: $0.30, $1.40, $2.00, $4.00

Kilihimahi 2016 – Tolekau

christmas 2016 tokelau

The Tokelau Christmas 2016 stamp issue reflects the traditional nativity story with fun, playful illustrations.

The traditional nativity story is the reason for celebrating Christmas in Tokelau.

Most Tokelauan families will spend the day attending church services and sharing food and gifts with loved ones.

This whimsical stamp issue celebrates key elements of the nativity story and is sure to please any Christmas stamp collector.

The miniature sheet and first day covers continue this festive theme with further nativity illustrations, with the message ‘Manuia Te Kilihimahi’ – meaning ‘Merry Christmas’ in Tokelauan.

45c Shepherds

Shepherds were watching over their flock when a bright star appeared in the sky. An Angel told them the news that Jesus was born, and they left for Bethlehem to visit him.

$1.40 Mary, Joseph and Jesus

Whilst in Bethlehem for a census, Mary and Joseph took shelter in a stable as they couldn’t find room at the Inn. It was there that Jesus was born and placed in a manger.

christmas 2016 tokelau

$2.00 Wise Men

Three Wise Men followed a bright star in the sky to where Jesus lay. There, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

$3.00 Angel

An Angel appeared to Mary to tell her the news that she would give birth to the Son of God, and she was to name him Jesus.

Date of Issue: 7 December 2016
Denominations: $0.45, $1.40, $2.00, $3.00

Christmas Post 2016 – Slovakia

christmas stamp Slovakia

Slovensko post has been organizing the unique project of Christmas Mail since 1999.

Over the years, more than 1.5 million letters have arrived at the address of Baby Jesus, “999 99 Jezisko” from children who send their Christmas wishes from all over the world.

The Baby Jesus replies to all those who include their addresses and also sends them a small present.

His official mailbox is in Rajecka Lesna, where he collects them all year round.

The Baby Jesus received more than 120,000 letters last year, of which more than 3,000 came from 51 different countries around the world.

These figures prove that the popularity of our Slovak “postal” Baby Jesus knows no boundaries.

He receives letters from almost all of Europe, but also from more distant corners of the world such as China, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Last year, the Baby Jesus replied in Slovak and English, but also in German, Russian, French, Polish, Hungarian and Spanish. The Baby Jesus replied to 144 children in Braille.

christmas stamp Slovakia

This year, Slovenska posta, issued a commemorative stamp of the “Christmas Mail” issue.

The theme of the children’s stamp is a drawing by Vaneska Pecekova from the United school in Komarno; she drew a picture of the Three Kings.

The drawing of “Christ’s Nativity Scene” used for the FDC (first-day cover) was drawn by Viktoria Berkyova also United school in Komarno.

“The Christmas Star with an Angel” used as the FDC cancellation created Simon Stevula from the primary school in Zlatniky. These drawings were sent to the Baby Jesus as a part of the Christmas Mail of 2015.

Date of Issue: 11 November 2016
Denominations: 0.50 €

Father Christmas in Jersey

christmas 2016 stamps jersey

Jersey follows many of the same Christmas traditions as the United Kingdom, there is one event that takes place each year that is very special.

In early December, Father Christmas arrives at Jersey Airport, waving to crowds of excited children, mums and dads and handing out sweets before climbing onto his sleigh.

christmas 2016 stamps jersey MS

This event is reported in the local newspaper, fuelling the imaginations of islanders as to the nocturnal activities of Father Christmas as he prepares for the ‘big day’ itself.

Eight stamps show Father Christmas in well-known locations around Jersey, including Jersey Post Headquarters.

The Miniature Sheet depicts Father Christmas delivering toys to a traditional Jersey farmhouse.

christmas stamps jersey

Date of Issue: 21 November 2016
Denominations: 43, 48, 55, 60, 68, 76, £1, £1.19

Nostalgic Christmas cards – Liechtenstein

christmas stamps liechtenstein

A selection of postcards on Christmas themes, the originals of which can be viewed in the Principality of Liechtenstein’s postal museum, adorn this year’s traditional Christmas stamp.

The four motifs Lamplight (value CHF 0.85), Exchanging Christmas Presents (value CHF 1.00), City Scene (value CHF 1.50) and Winter Walk (value CHF 2.00) are issued as self-adhesive stamps.

The typography of the Christmas cards, most of which date from the early years of the 20th century, was finished using hot foil stamping in gold.

Date of Issue: 14 November 2016
Denominations: CHF 0.85, CHF 1.00, CHF 1.50, CHF 2.00

Christmas Stamp – Luxembourg

christmas stamp luxembourg

In this series of Christmas stamp for 2016, Luxembourg post brings some traditional motifs for the festive season and particularly for Christmas.

The style of the stamps created by Lydie Develter is much like children’s book illustrations as they concentrate on St Nicholas.

Date of Issue: 13 November 2016
Denominations: 0.75 €, 1.05 €

Christmas 2016 – Island

Christmas stamps island

In former times in rural Iceland, people worked with great zeal to complete the work that had to be done before Christmas.

Work on wool products took precedence over all other labour.

Hand-knitted garments meant that you had a balance at the merchant’s and the woollen products had to be finished in time for Christmas.

It was important that everyone was well dressed when the Christmas celebrations came, and that no one fell victim to the Yule Cat, a mythical creature used to make sure people finished their chores before Christmas.

Date of Issue: 3 November 2016
Denominations: ISK 225, ISK 175, ISK 160

Christmas 2016 – Hungary

Christmas stamps hungary

In line with its tradition, Magyar Posta is celebrating Christmas with a beautiful postage stamp.

The stamp shows a graphic composition recalling a winter Christmas atmosphere, with a couple skating along a heart-shaped line.

Christmas is the biggest Christian holiday after Easter.

According to the decision made at the First Council of Nicaea, the remembrance day of the earthly birth of Jesus Christ is the celebration of joy, peace, family and childhood, of home and homeland.

Date of Issue: 8 November 2016
Denominations: HUF 115

Christmas Stamps – Greenland

christmas stamps greenland

Date of Issue: 17 October 2016
Denominations: DKK 12,00, DKK 13,50

Christmas Stamps – Croatia

Christmas stamps croatia

On Christmas stamps of Croatian Post we have intended that each part of Croatia be given its part of pride.

This time the Christmas scene arrives from Dubrovnik, the town where the sides of the world were in touch.

The Christmas scene The Adoration of the Magi from the Duke’s Palace has been dated in the 17th century and described as a work by an Italo-Cretan master.

On one side the master seems to be developing a soft Venetian scene full of warm colours and with many realistic details, while on the other side he transforms the volumes into surfaces by strong, schematized strokes.

Date of Issue: 24 November 2016
Denominations: 3,1 HRK

Christmas Stamps – Latvia

Christmas stamps latvia

On the eve of the first Advent Latvia Post issued two new stamps in the series Christmas so that everyone can have a chance to send their warm greetings for the year-end holidays, Christmas and New Year, in good time.

Latvijas Pasts has issued the most festive and popular postage stamps of the year, which have received special affection of the customers.

Christmas stamps latvia FDC

The stamp with a face value of €0.50 is suitable for sending a regular Class B letter within Latvia.

In turn, the stamp with a face value of €0.78 corresponds to the cost of sending a regular Class A letter within the European Union or a regular Class B letter to any country of the world outside the European Union.

Date of Issue: 25 November 2016
Denominations: €0.50, €0.78

Christmas Pantomimes – Isle of Man

Christmas Pantomimes stamps IOM
© 2016 Crown Copyright IOM

To celebrate the festive season, Isle of Man Post brings you a fun-filled and colourful set of six Christmas stamps to enjoy.

The vibrant designs pay tribute to one of the great Christmas traditions – pantomime – recalling some of the famous shows which have delighted audiences young and old throughout the generations, from tiny village halls to glorious theatres.

Across the British Isles each winter professional and amateur performers take to the stage to keep the panto tradition alive.

It has become as much a part of Christmas as the tree and turkey, and is embraced across the Isle of Man as communities come together to produce their shows.

The six stamps recall familiar shows which have been staged in the Isle of Man over the years – The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Snow White, Dick Whittington and Robin Hood – reminding everyone of their own pantomime experiences.

Christmas Pantomimes stamps IOM
© 2016 Crown Copyright IOM

Date of Issue: 20 October 2016
Denominations: 45p, 77p, 95p, 113p, 124p, 186p

Christmas stamps – Russia

Christmas stamps Russia

New Year in Russia for most people is one of the major family celebrations and traditions of its celebration are transmitted from generation to generation.

From 1700, a decree of Peter I in Russian New Year is celebrated on January 1st.

The main attribute and a symbol of the holiday is the Christmas tree, which is installed in all Russian cities.

On rinks and stadiums organize various festive events, games and competitions.

The stamp depicts dance around the Christmas trees.

Christmas stamps Russia

Date of Issue: 1 December 2016
Denominations: 19 p

Christmas stamps – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Christmas stamps bosnia and herzegovina

The Christian world for centuries has been celebrating Christmas on December 25th, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a day of love, simplicity and modesty. God himself is born as a little baby not to scare people away, but to attract them to himself.

Christians believe how the immortal God has become a mortal man in order for him to bring people to the heavenly Kingdom.

Christmas stamps bosnia and herzegovina

Date of Issue: 1 December 2016
Denominations: 0.90 BAM x 2

Christmas stamps – Switzerland

Christmas 2016 stamps switzerland

Date of Issue: 17 November 2016
Denominations: CHF 0.85, CHF 1.0, CHF 1.5, CHF 2.0

Christmas stamps – Guernsey

Christmas 2016 stamps Guernsey

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when families gather to share special times, cards and gifts are exchanged and many happy memories are made.

The beautiful foiled stamps created for our Christmas 2016 issue feature selected symbols that represent some of the most popular Christmas traditions.

Christmas 2016 stamps Guernsey

Date of Issue: 18 November 2016
Denominations: 38p, 43p, 57p, 58p, 64p, 70p, 78p

Christmas stamps – Malta

Christmas 2016 stamps Malta

Christmas 2016 stamps Malta

The Christmas 2016 stamp issue reproduces images of the Nativity of Jesus Christ from three paintings by Maltese artist Joseph Pulo.

Date of Issue: 18 November 2016
Denominations: €0.26, €0.59, €0.63

Christmas stamps 2016 – Finland

Christmas 2016 stamps Finland

The most important aspects of Christmas is friendship and caring for others. Finland post issued stamps featuring Christmas characters, a reindeer and an elf.

The theme of the Girl and squirrel stamp is the joy of sharing.

Date of Issue: 10 November 2016
Denominations: 0,90 €, 1,20 €

Christmas stamps 2016 – Alderney

Christmas 2016 stamps Alderney

Alderney Christmas stamps feature some of the images commonly associated with Christmas.

The Christmas tree decorated with tinsel and lights, which grace many homes around the world, the gifts sitting under it, delivered, as many children believe, by Father Christmas on a sleigh pulled by his reindeer from the North Pole.

Christmas 2016 stamps Alderney

Date of Issue: 8 November 2016
Country: Alderney
Denominations: 38p, 43p, 57p, 58p, 64p, 70p, 78p

Christmas Biscuits – Gibraltar

Christmas 2016 stamps Gibraltar

Modern Christmas biscuits can trace their history to recipes from Medieval Europe.

By the Middle Ages, the Christmas holiday had overtaken solstice rituals throughout much of present-day Europe.

Though biscuits have come a long way since medieval times, some things haven’t changed.

Many Christmas biscuits are still heavily spiced.

We think of ‘traditional’ Christmas flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger,and those are exactly the same spices medieval cooks would have used in their cookies ages ago.

Ginger-bread is a classic Christmas biscuit, and yet it’s also a biscuit that would have tasted strikingly similar back in the Middle Ages.

Christmas 2016 stamps Gibraltar FDC

Date of Issue: 2 November 2016
Country: Gibraltar
Denominations: G (22p), 40p, 64p, 70p, 80p, £2

Christmas stamps 2016 – Poland

Christmas 2016 stamps Poland

Christmas 2016 stamps Poland

Christmas 2016 stamps Poland

Date of Issue: 16 November 2016
Country: Poland
Denominations: 2 ZL, 6 ZL

White and Snowy Christmas stamps – Lithuania

Christmas 2016 stamps Lithuania

Lithuania Post announces the upcoming biggest holidays of the year by issuing stamps dedicated to Christmas and the New Year.

White Lithuanian winter will be memorialised in Christmas postage stamps.

One stamp depicts rural forest landscape, while the other pictures winter in the old town of Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania.

Christmas 2016 stamps Lithuania

Date of Issue: 12 November 2016
Country: Lithuania
Denominations: EUR 0.39, EUR 0.81

Christmas stamp 2016 – Estonia

Christmas 2016 stamps Estonia

Christmas 2016 stamps Estonia

Christmas 2016 stamps Estonia

Date of Issue: 18 November 2016
Country: Estonia
Denominations: EUR 1.40, EUR 0.65

Christmas 2016 stamps – Britain

Christmas 2016 stamps set Britain
© Royal Mail Group Limited 2016

Royal Mail issued six stamps to celebrate some of the best-loved traditions of a UK Christmas.

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree, making a snowman, hanging out a stocking, eating a Christmas pudding and lighting a Christmas lantern.

Also featured is a robin redbreast, which is synonymous with Royal Mail and has a strong association with sending and receiving cards and messages.

Its appearance on cards was inspired by the red coats worn by postmen in Victorian times, who were known as ‘red-breasts’.

The images on the stamps were crafted by Manchester-based, illustrator, Helen Musselwhite.

For the stamps, Helen created intricate paper sculptures which were then photographed. She cut the paper by hand and folded the pieces to build the detailed and multi-layered festive scenes.

2nd class & Large – snowman
1st class & Large – Robin
£1.05 – Christmas Tree
£1.33 – Lantern
£1.52 – Christmas stocking
£2.25 – Christmas Pudding

Christmas 2016 stamps Britain
© Royal Mail Group Limited 2016

The History of Christmas Cards
The tradition of sending Christmas cards was established in 1843, with the introduction of the World’s first commercially produced Christmas cards.

The cards were commissioned by Sir Henry Cole, who just three years earlier had played a key role in helping to introduce Royal Mail’s Penny Post service.

Only 1,000 of these cards were printed and sold for a shilling each. This meant that they were a luxury item and were not affordable for most people.

One of the original 1,000 cards sent is also the most valuable in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

The card, which was originally sent by Sir Henry Cole to his grandmother in 1843, was sold at an auction in Devizes, Wiltshire for £20,000 on 24 November 2001.

Christmas cards still remain hugely popular today. In 2005, for example, Royal Mail delivered a staggering 744 million Christmas cards.

Christmas 2016 stamps Britain
© Royal Mail Group Limited 2016

Date of Issue: 8 November 2016
Country: UK
Denominations: 1st class, 2nd class, £1.05, £1.33, £1.52, £2.25

Source: Royal Mail Stamps

Christmas stamps 2016 – Aland

Christmas 2016 stamps Aland

Aland post issued two stamps showing charming Christmas elves preparing for the season.

Date of Issue: 10 October 2016
Country: Aland
Denominations: Julpost (€0.70) Varlden (€1.30)

Christmas stamps – Brazil

Christmas 2016 stamps Brazil

Two stamps make up the edition alluding to Christmas 2016.

The play “Angel Gabriel” of Biaggio Mazzeo authored, shows the Archangel image in awe position, using the technique of hot-stamping golden.

The second stamp features artwork created by Jamille Salum and shows the stylized manger, with Joseph holding the staff, Mary kneeling, and the baby Jesus lying in the manger.

Date of Issue: 4 October 2016
Country: Brazil
Denominations: R$ 2.40, R$ 1.70

Christmas Celebration – Ireland

Christmas 2016 stamps Ireland

Every year the Irish postal service releases Christmas stamps for what is traditionally the busiest period of the whole year.

Through November and December, millions of cards and letters are delivered to every home in Ireland and every far corner of the world.

This year Work Group in Dublin have designed Christmas 2016 stamps.

Christmas 2016 stamps Ireland

Three stamps are issued in celebration of the yuletide festivities.

The concept behind the design is of ‘People Coming Together’ which is also very important to the Irish: This is the time of year when many families all over Ireland are preparing to welcome home their sons and daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and friends – it is a truly magical time for all of those traditionally strong Irish families.

The idea of people coming together is represented by The Holy Family on the 72c stamp and The Three Wise Men on the €1.10 SOAR stamp.

This illustration uses simple two-dimensional forms and patterns, lacking perspective, and these are reminiscent of those seen in early Christian manuscripts.

Christmas 2016 Ireland

The third stamp, will appear in the Christmas Stamp Booklet, features numerous types of Christmas decorations, which are of importance as they bring the family unit together in order to decorate their homes in as grand a manner as they can.

Date of Issue: 3 November 2016
Country: Ireland
Denominations: 72c x 2, €1.10

Source: Ireland Stamps

Christmas 2016 stamps – New Zealand

Christmas 2016 stamps New Zealand

The New Zealand Christmas 2016 stamp issue depicts the traditional nativity story, with a twist!

The beautifully illustrated stamps in this issue feature key characters from the nativity story: Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, a shepherd and a wise man.

The gummed stamps come together on the miniature sheet to form a complete Christmas scene.

Christmas 2016 stamps New Zealand

Christmas 2016 stamps New Zealand

Date of Issue: 2 November 2016
Country: New Zealand
Denominations: $1.00, $1.80, $2.20, $2.70 & $3.30

Source: New Zealand Stamps

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas – Belarus

Merry Christmas stamp Belarus

Belarus post issued two new stamps “Happy New Year!” and “Merry Christmas!” to celebrate this festive season.

Face value A is equal to the tariff of a letter up to 20 gram within Belarus.
Face value H is equal to the surface tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.

Merry Christmas stamp Belarus

Date of Issue: 27 October 2016
Country: Belarus
Denominations: A, H

Source: Belarus Stamps

Christmas 2016 stamps – Canada

Christmas 2016 stamps Canada MS

Canada Post’s Christmas stamps 2016 ring in the holiday season with three mirthful images from one of Canada’s most prolific stamp designers and a classic Renaissance rendering of Mary and the baby Jesus.

Holiday well-wishers can add special cheer to their cards and letters with a secular or a sacred image.

Filled with billowy snowflakes in a navy blue sky, Rolf Harder’s images appear to be taken from an enchanted forest, occupied only by Santa Claus, a single Christmas tree and a dove carrying an olive branch.

Christmas 2016 stamps Canada
© 2016 Canada Post

The fourth stamp depicts the Virgin and Child, which was painted around 1460 by a highly esteemed painter from Florence, Italy, known only as the Master of the Castello Nativity.

This rare painting uses gold and tempera, a pigment common until the advent of oil paint, whose many layers create intense colours.

Virgin and Child is part of a generous donation of paintings made by Michal and Renata Hornstein to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Christmas 2016 stamps Canada FDC
© 2016 Canada Post Corporation

Date of Issue: 1 November 2016
Country: Canada
Denominations: Permanent, $1.50, $2.50, Permanent

Source: Canada Stamps

Nativity Forever stamp – USA

Nativity Scene 2016
© 2016 USPS

USPS issued Nativity Forever stamp honouring one of the most symbolic images in the world – the Nativity Scene.

An image that for Christians from all walks of life celebrates the story of the Nativity – the birth of Jesus Christ.

The beautiful stamp includes a brilliant star that stands out in both its illustration and in its meaning of Christmas.

The stamp art features an image of the Holy Family silhouetted against a dawn sky.

As the baby Jesus lies in a straw-filled manger, Mary kneels to the right and Joseph stands to the left, holding a lantern.

Over the scene, a bright star shines on the trio. The colour palette features simple shades of blue and white highlighted by deep shadows.

Nativity Scene 2016
© 2016 USPS

The Nativity Scene
Artists through the centuries have celebrated the Nativity in painting and sculpture.

Carvings of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, often accompanied by an ox and a donkey, date back at least to the fourth century.

St. Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first crèche in the 13th century.

Today Nativity scenes remain the centrepieces of many church and family devotions during the Christmas season.

Date of Issue: 3 November 2016
Country: USA
Denominations: Forever 47¢

Christmas stamps 2016 – Christmas Island

Christmas 2016 stamps christmas island
© 2016 Australia Post

The stamp issue continues a theme enjoyed by many at Christmastime each year.

Santa and his Christmas Island friends deliver season’s greetings in their own unique style.

The designs show Santa making his annual visit to Christmas Island in the early hours of 25 December.

Christmas 2016 stamps christmas island
© 2016 Australia Post

After the freezing temperatures of the North Pole, he’s feeling the heat on this tropical speck in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

But with the assistance of Rudolph and the trusty elves he refuses to be deterred from delivering Christmas cheer to Christmas Island’s eager inhabitants, including crabs, turtles, bosun birds, frigate birds and boobies.

They’ve been waiting for hours, scanning the big blue sky for the first glimpse of Santa’s sleigh.

As the red-clad Santa swoops across the steaming, dense forest he thinks that next year he might consider wearing something more suited to the island’s humid conditions.

Christmas 2016 stamps christmas island
© 2016 Australia Post

Date of Issue: 31 October 2016
Country: Christmas Island (Australia)
Denominations: 65c, $1.80

Source: Australia Stamps

Christmas 2016 stamps – Australia

Christmas 2016 stamps Australia
© 2016 Australia Post

This year’s Christmas stamps 2016 depict three episodes from the familiar biblical story of the birth of Christ.

They show Mary tenderly cradling her newborn son; a trumpeting angel announcing the glad tidings of the birth; and the three wise men sent by King Herod to investigate the birth of the Saviour.

In the biblical Christmas story, the three wise men, or Magi, arrived in Jerusalem from the east, with news that the King of the Jews, or Messiah, had been born.

Alarmed, King Herod ordered the wise men to embark on a journey to find the child.

They followed a guiding star to Bethlehem, where they found the infant in a stable with Mary, his mother.

The wise men were overwhelmed with reverence and awe. They knelt before the baby Jesus, offering precious gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, before returning to their own countries.

Christmas 2016 stamps Australia
© 2016 Australia Post

The religious stamp designs have been created using the intricate art of hand paper-cut.

Two other stamps have been designed to reflect more secular celebration and the universal values of joy and goodwill.

Date of Issue: 31 October 2016
Country: Australia
Denominations: 65c x 3, $1.70, $2.55

Source: Australia Stamps

Christmas 2016 stamps – USA

Christmas 2016 stamp USA
© 2016 USPS

The Christmas stamp 2016 features a detail of Madonna and Child, a 15th-century tempera-on-panel painting.

Clad with a white veil over her head and a red garment trimmed in gold and partially covered with a gold-trimmed blue cloak, a haloed Virgin Mary gazes downward and to the right, looking at a blond, haloed Christ Child while placing her right hand on his shoulder.

Behind both figures is a hedge of pink and white roses, with blue sky visible through their thorny, leafy stalks.

Dated to circa 1470, the painting is in the Widener Collection at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

You can also check Christmas 2015 stamps of Australia.

Christmas 2016 stamp USA
© 2016 USPS

Date of Issue: 18 October 2016
Country: USA
Denominations: Forever 47¢



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