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Beautiful stamps for sending Christmas Greetings

Beautiful stamps for sending Christmas Greetings to your loved ones

Christmas stamps are very favourite among people for sending Christmas Greetings to friends and family spreading joy and happiness.

The beautifully designed stamps add a special touch of holiday joy to cards and letters sent worldwide.

Christmas is considered as one of the most important and joyful occasion giving a message of peace and love.

Christmas time is the season for joyous celebration and goodwill among billions of people around the world.

Christmas is the perfect time to help other less fortunate people and spread happiness.

We would like to bring you the amazing Christmas stamps issued in 2015 to send Christmas greetings to your loved ones.

Beautiful stamps to send Christmas Greetings

Christmas 2015 Woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer’s – Malta

Christmas 2015 Woodcuts

The Malta Christmas stamp features woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer’s series Life of the Virgin which date back to 1500.

Specialist craftsmen like Dürer would engrave images on a wood block leaving the remaining image raised on the face of the block. Finally, this would be inked with a roller and a print would be drawn.

The prints, titled ‘The Flight into Egypt’, ‘The Nativity of the Lord’ and ‘The Adoration of the Magi’, feature on the stamps.

These artworks can be found at the Cathedral Museum in Mdina along with other works of Dürer. They were donated to the museum by the Markezi family in the 1700s.

Date of Issue: 14 November 2015
Country: Malta
Denominations: €0.26,€0.59,€0.63
Source: Malta Philately

The Adoration of the Magi – Slovenia

Christmas stamps Slovenia

The stamps shows a classic Christmas scene: the Three Kings or Three Wise Men of the Orient have come, bearing gifts, to pay homage to the newborn Christ child.

Jesus is held in the arms of his mother Mary and the Magi are disposed in front of him in various attitudes.

This sandstone relief comes from the famous pilgrimage church in Ptujska Gora, one of the jewels of Gothic architecture in Slovenia, and dates from the 14th century. The Adoration of the Magi was painted in 1877 by Janez Šubic.

Date of Issue: 6 November 2015
Country: Slovenia
Denominations: B, C
Source: Slovenia Post

Christmas Celebration Estonia

stamps for sending Christmas Greetings Estonia

Date of Issue: 19 November 2015
Country: Estonia
Denominations: 0.55 €, 1.20 €
Source: Estonia Post

The Feast of Nativity – Romania

Beautiful stamps for sending Christmas Greetings

The Feast of Nativity, popularly called Christmas, is one of the major Christian feasts and is ­celebrated with great solemnity every year on December 25th.

This celebration marks an important event in the history of Christianity, the birth of Jesus Christ from the Virgin Mary, in a cave in Bethlehem of Judea.

Romfilatelia issued special stamp depicting the image of the Birth of Jesus icon, painted by Gheorghe Tattarescu, to mark the occasion of the Sacred Feast.

Date of Issue: 6 November 2015
Country: Romania
Denominations: 1 Leu
Source: Romania Stamps

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