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Belarusian national clothes

Belarusian national clothes

Belarus post issued a set of two stamps Belarusian national clothes, featuring Costume of Turov and Mozyr Region and Costume of Liahovichi Region.

Clothing is an important ethnic feature of the nation. The origins of Belarusian clothing tradition lie in the ancient Kiewan Rus’. The moderate continental climate, long winter and mild summer required a closed, warm clothing. Fabrics were made out of flux and wool, decorated with printed or embroiled ornaments, or weaved from using threads of different color.

The nobility were making their clothing mainly using imported fabrics – brocade, velvet, tuft – of different shades of red, blue, and less often green. The embroideries with silk and pearls were used as decorations. The general aesthetic requirement was static and simplicity of the silhouette. The basics of set of male clothing was had a shirt with a belt and trousers, female – a shirt (longer than male) and “paniova” type skirt (wrap-around?).

An outside clothing was usually a “svita” type coat often lined with fur inside for winter clothing. These features were transferred to the clothing in western lands of ancient Rus’, where in XIII-XVI a Belarusian nationality was formed. The costume of Belarusians conserved it’s ties with costume of Russians and Ukrainians, but also acquired the features of our other neighbors – Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians and other European nations. The formation of Belarusian costume has coincided with the development of new, more complicated techniques of cut, the sophistication of dressmaking in Western Europe, which leaded to significant changes of European clothing.
Belarusian national clothes
Title: Belarusian national clothes
Date of Issue: 12 April 2012
Country: Belarus
Denominations: H, P

Source: http://www.belpost.by

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