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Worth Visiting Stamp collectors Blog

Hello Friends, today I will like to present some of the Worth Visiting stamp collectors blog on the net.

There are many stamp collectors worldwide who have blog or website showing their great collection.

The blog is the best medium to showcase the collection and to reach the stamp collectors worldwide.

I have tried to pick up some blog, I will try to present more blog next time. If you have some great blog showing your collection you can add it up in the comment.

Worth Visiting Stamp collectors Blog

Worth Visiting Stamp collectors Blog

Fan Ming from Shanghai, China, collects real posted FDC sent to his address. He have a great collection of FDC worldwide. you can check it out. He also provides information about recent stamps of China.

Worth Visiting Stamp collectors Blog

George Wu of Taiwan collects all worldwide Olympic, Birds and Lighthouses stamps, souvenir sheets, FDC. He designs amazing maxicards, I am fan of his maxicard.

Worth Visiting Stamp collectors Blog

Shrikant Parikh being in the field of Philately for 30 years, have developed creative collections of modern stamps which have multiple interest and potential. He has amazing collection of Indian Se-tenant stamps, First Day Covers of Se-tenant stamps and their varieties.

Worth Visiting Stamp collectors Blog

Edmund Ong of Singapore, collect stamps of the first issues (first postage stamp issued by any nations), stamps of U.S.A. & P.R.C. origins and topical stamps of tortoises and turtles. He also collects all the beautiful stamps outside.

Worth Visiting Stamp collectors Blog

Andrzej Bek of Poland, collects nice covers and real posted FDCs. He have amazing collection of FDCs and covers from all over the world.


  1. What are the best stamp collector blogs [I re-phrased it]?
    A preliminary answer is: it depends on who you ask. 🙂
    Philately is a hobby with a Big Tent attitude. It gathers many collectors with very different (and many times overlapping) interests: stamps, covers, maximum cards, postmarks, etc.
    Everybody can make his own Top 10, that would look very different than anybody else’s.
    I like and I visit all of the above websites. 🙂

  2. i really like this page!! you should do one about forums also ..check ours out and you will see.. forums are way more fun!!

  3. Hi,
    Nice collection of blogs,Thanks for sharing this.its very helpful to stamp collectors to reach out……

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