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Bike Paths of Taiwan

Bike Paths Taiwan

Bicycle touring has taken Taiwan by storm in recent years. By combining scenic areas and local specialities into a network of tourism spots, bike paths are excellent leisure and day-tripping options.

To promote green leisure activities, Taiwan Post has issued a set of four stamps each with an adjacent tag featuring signature bike paths Taiwan.

1. Xindian River Bike Path in New Taipei City (NT$5): At 15 kilometers in length, the bike path travels along Xindian River, with the Bitan Scenic Area as the starting point, and ends at Hekou Jingguan Riverside Park in Jiangzicui. Both banks sandwiching the stretch between Bitan and Xiulang Bridge have looping bike trails, connected by the graceful Yangguang Bridge, privileging cyclists to the lovely river view.

2. Bali Zuoan Bike Path in New Taipei City (NT$5): Constructed along the left bank of Tamsui River, the path begins at the estuary of Guanyinkeng River, and runs pass Guandu Bridge, Wazihwei Nature Reserve, Shihsanhang Museum to the Formosa Fun Coast. The 15-kilometer-long path connects well-preserved wetland ecosystems and historic monuments.

3. Sankeng Bike Path in Taoyuan (NT$10): Built along the ancient Taoyuan Irrigation System, the 7-kilometer-long path originates at the mouth of Daxi Bridge, and ends at the Sankeng Old Street. The path is dotted with the Butterfly Corridor, Tung blossoms viewing platforms, and several centennial historic monuments, such as Qingqiandi Adobe and Yongfu Temple. It also treats cyclists to the picturesque Dahan River watershed. The idylls and cultural marvels make the ride immensely gratifying.

4. Bike Path along the 17 Kilometers of Splendid Coastline in Hsinchu (NT$10): At 17 kilometers long, the coastline in Hsinchu teems with pristine ecosystems. It begins at Nanliao Fishing Port, and ends at Nangang bird watching area. It passes five elegantly unique bridges, where fishing ports, wetlands, jetties, and mangrove swamps fill the landscape. This bike path is veritably the most postcard-perfect route in northern Taiwan.

Bike Paths Taiwan

Title: Bike Paths Taiwan
Date of Issue: 8 November 2013
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$5 x 2, NT$10 x 2

Source: http://www.post.gov.tw/

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