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Biodiversity and Oceanography

Biodiversity and Oceanography SpainSpain post issued a stamp reflecting the importance and concern of society in Oceanography, the science devoted to the study of the seas, its phenomena, the marine flora and fauna, and to biodiversity – number of plant and animal species of the oceans.

The Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) (Higher Council for Scientific Research) has launched the Malaspina 2010 expedition, an interdisciplinary project of global dimensions meeting two important needs “assessing the impact of global change on the ocean and exploring the still little-known ecosystem of the ocean’s depth“.

For nine long months the oceanographic research ships Hesperides, belonging to the Spanish Navy, and the Sarmiento de Gamboa, operated by the CSIC, will sail around the world.

The project involves over 400 experts and researches from 19 Spanish institutions, such as the Spanish Royal Astronomical Observatory of the Navy, the Navy Museum and the Navy Hydrographical Institute, which have already conducted tests in 350 oceanographic stations to depths of up to 5,000 meters and collected thousands of samples of air, water and plankton.

The expedition is named after Alejandro Malaspina, a Spanish sailor of Italian origin famous for conducting the first Spanish circumnavigatory expedition of a scientific nature in the late eighteenth century.

Title: Biodiversity and Oceanography
Date of Issue: 20 January 2011
Country: Spain
Denominations: 0,50€

Source: Spanish Post

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