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Birth Centenary of Ta Quang Buu

Ministry of Information and Communications issued the stamp set to mark the “Birth Centenary of T? Quang B?u (23-07-1910 – 21-08-1986)”.

T? Quang B?u was born into a family of teachers on July 23rd, 1910 in Hoành S?n village, Nam Hoành commune, Nam ?àn district, Ngh? An province. In 1922, he passed the entry exam into Qu?c H?c Hu? (National High School) at the 11th rate. After that, he moved to Hanoi to study in B??i School. In 1929, he excellently graduated the first Degree of Mathematics in Vietnamese and French, he received a scholarship of the Oversea Student Association (H?i Nh? Tây Du h?c) of Nguy?n H?u Bài going to France to study.

In France, in 1929 he was attended the Louis le Grand studying mathematics and theoretical physics. He passed the entry exam into Centrale Paris in 1930, studied Bachelor of Science program at the University of Sorbonne, mathematics at the University Paris and University of Bordeaux from 1930 to 1934. He received the Bordeaux school scholarships for excellent students going to study at the Oxford University (UK) in a short time. There he studied quantum physics.

Returning to the homeland in 1934, he gave up his dignitary and taught Mathematics and English at a private school.

In July 1947, he participated in Indochinese Communist Party and accredited to Minister of Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense in August. After one year he maintained his position as Deputy Minister of the Defense Ministry.

He was accredited to Headmaster of Hanoi University of Technology (1956 – 1961), the first Minister of Vietnam’s Ministry of Higher and Secondary Professional Education (1965 – 1976).

Title: Birth Centenary of Ta Quang Buu
Date of Issue: 23 July 2010
Country: Vietnam
Denominations: 2000d

Source: www.vietstamp.net

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