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Brazil and Mexico Joint issue stamps

Brazil and Mexico post issued a joint issue stamps featuring traditional food from maize and cassava. Maize and cassava, strong elements of identity and cultural heritage of Brazil, part of the food system and culinary practices associated. Its use and production differ from the national territory and enable rich traditions and reading habits of the population, showing influences Indigenous, African, Portuguese, among others.

Ways of farming, like, different usage from place to place, varied customs and preparation of foods, taboos and superstitions, individual and collective practices and transmission of knowledge from generation to generation, synthesize and identify regional culinary and social structure of the groups involved.

Recognize traditional agricultural and food systems, practices and interdependent elements of a complex cultural system, its modes of production and consumption refers, under the Intangible Heritage, the celebrations, places and forms of expression of a people.

It is indigenous cuisine that comes from corn and cassava food system introduced in the West. It stands out foods with strong cultural value in the various regions and social groups in Brazil, such as hominy, the corn pudding and mush derived from corn, flour, tapioca, tucupi the tacacá derived from tapioca and cassava.

As cassava maintains relations with the indigenous peoples of Amazonia, the corn is related to the Guarani people, their traditions and religiousness present in Brazil and neighboring countries. The story of corn is closely related to Mexico, a leading producer of cereal.

By providing diversity in its use, has also fundamental role in Mexican cuisine, whose stay there for hundreds of generations that have corn in the basic ingredient for its cuisine.

This issue not only records the historical importance of maize and cassava in Brazilian culture, but also the good relationship between the two countries.

Title: Brazil and Mexico Joint issue stamps
Date of Issue: 1 June 2012
Country: Brazil
Denominations: $ 2.30 x 2

Source: http://www.correios.com.br/

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