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Bridges of Taiwan

Taiwan post will issue a set of four postage stamps to publicize the beauty of Taiwan’s bridges. These set is third in the series of Bridges of Taiwan.

1. Jinde Bridge, Donggang (NT$5.00): This bridge spans the Donggang River in Donggang Township, Pingtung County. Opened to traffic in October of 2002, it has a total length of 440 meters and a width of 21.3 meters, with a 155-meter-long main span and a 30-meter-high arch. A basket-handle steel-arch bridge, it is a stately looking one.

2. Qigu River Bridge, Tainan (NT$5.00): This bridge is located in the scenic Qigu Lagoon area, close to the mouth of Zengwen river. Opened to traffic in November, 2007, it has a total length of 440 meters and a width of 40 meters. Its long-span arch design reduces the number of piers needed and reduces its impact on the environment and the ecology. The arc-shaped railings and the black-faced spoonbill totems blend into the ecological environment seamlessly.

3. Anyi Bridge, Tainan (NT$12.00): This bridge links two historical sites, Anping Fort (Fort Zeelandia) and Yizaijincheng (Eternal Golden Fort), hence its name Anyi. Spanning the Tainan Canal, it is 120.3 meters long and 25.5 meters wide. Opened to traffic in November, 2003, this bridge has an observation platform, which is a great place to enjoy sunsets and views of Anping Harbor.

4. Wangyue Bridge, Tainan (NT$12.00): Located in the Anping District of Tainan City, this bridge spans the Tainan Canal. Opened to traffic in August, 2001, it is 36 meters long and 21.2 meters wide. This bridge has a blue arch design and its railings incorporate moon patterns, both full and crescent. This bridge is especially beautiful at night when it is spotlighted and the arches of the bridge connect with their reflections on the water.

Title: Bridges of Taiwan
Date of Issue: 10 March 2010
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$5.00 x 2, NT$12.00 x 2

Source: www.stamp.post.gov.tw

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