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Butterflies – France

French post issued a souvenir sheet featuring various butterflies as a block of stamps of Nature 2010.

The butterfly is considered a symbol of grace and lightness. It also symbolizes the resurrection, the sun in the Aztec women in Japan, and is married to the soul love in Greek mythology. It has always amazed and inspired men, in painting, poetry.

The copper marshes, the blue morpho and Thecla of bramble each illustrate a block of stamps of Nature, 2010, the fourth stamp is dedicated to the caterpillar’s big forked tail. The moth in the adult form is characterized by two pairs of wings covered with scales fines.

Title: Butterfly – Blue Morpho
Date of Issue: 6 September 2010
Country: France
Denominations: 0.75, 2×0.58 , 0.95 euros

Source: www.timbres.laposte.fr

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