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Cars – Puch 500

Cars - Puch 500Austria post issued a stamp featuring Puch 500 in the car series stamps. As for the history: The “Puch Works”, founded in 1899 by a certain Johann Puch, was an Austrian company that produced bicycles, engines, motorbikes, and cars.
Johann Puch’s first small production workshop was located in the Strauchergasse in Graz, but a few years later production moved to a bigger, and for its time, modern factory. This main plant, later known as the “Einser Werke”, was set up in the south of Graz, in the Puntigam district.

Title: Cars – Puch 500
Date of Issue: 15 March 2011
Country: Austria
Denominations: 0.65 EUR

Source: www.post.at

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