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Castles of Croatia

Castles of Croatia
Croatian Post has released four new commemorative postage stamps from the new series “Castles of Croatia”.
Donji Miholjac – the Hilleprand-Mailáth Castle There are two castles in Donji Miholjac, one next to the other. The older one is a ground floor, long, late-baroque building from 1818 and the newer one is one storey historicist building of picturesque facades built between 1905 and 1914 according to the project of the Budapest architect István Möhler. The old castle is a modest building, 82 meters long and 9 meters wide. It included also several outbuildings. The new castle, built next to the old, is among the last Slavonic castles and among just a few built in Slavonia at the beginning of the 20th century.

Našice – the small and the big castle of Peja?evi? family The noble family Peja?evi? built in Našice, in a large park, two castles – the small and the big castle. The family spent in Našice 211 years, until 1945, since when numerous members of the family have lived in many different parts of the world. The castle was formally returned to the heirs in 2009, but this has not solved the question of the lasting purpose of the two constructions. In the big castle there is a county museum, and the small one is being used by several users. The Peja?evi? family came into possession of the Našice estate by acquisition in 1734. Thanks to great efforts of numerous generations the estate was elevated to the level of the best and richest Slavonic nobleman estates of the 19th century.

Bilje – the Palace of Prince Eugen of Savoy The palace in Bilje (Hungarian Béllye), about ten kilometres north from Osijek was built in the first half of the 18th century by Prince Franz Eugen of Savoy and Piemont (1663 – 1736). History remembers him as one of the most famous Austrian army generals whose victories marked the final end of Turkish conquests in Europe (by the Treaty in Srijemski Karlovci in 1699 the Turks were forced south of the River Sava into today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina). Bilje (Billie) is mentioned in old documents for the first time in 1212. By 1918 Bilje was in the County of Baranja, within the Pecz diocese. The Palace of the Prince Eugen of Savoy is the best known palace of the Baranja valley, recognisable for its endless wheat fields, lowland woods and gentle wine-reach slopes.

Valpovo – the Hilleprand-Prandau Normann-Ehrenfels Castle The castle in Valpovo, built into a medieval fortress is a recognisable medieval architectural baroque complex which gives to the town of Valpovo its specific and recognisable identity. Valpovo castle with the fortress and a vast garden is one of the most important cultural treasures of the profane architecture in north Croatia. Medieval feudal property in Valpovo exists from the 14th century. Medieval fortress of Valpovo– the fortified town (Castrum Walpo) was first mentioned in 1438. At the end of the 17th century it was already considerably damaged. In the ground plan it had a shape of an irregular elongated triangle with the high tower on its north point.

Title: Castles of Croatia
Date of Issue: 16 June 2011
Country: Croatia
Denominations: 3,1 kn, 3,1 kn, 4,6 kn, 4,6 kn

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