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150 years of Jacobsen’s Bookstore

150 years of Jacobsen's Bookstore

Faroe post issued two stamps to mark the 150 years of the foundation of H.N. Jacobsen’s Bookstore founded in 1865 in Gongin. H. N. Jacobsen stands for Hans Nicolai Jacobsen (1832-1919), colloquially known as Hans Niklái. Jacobsen’s Bookstore H.N. Jacobsen’s …

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Seafood – Faroese Islands

Seafood - Faroese Islands

Faroese island post issued a set of stamps featuring various seafood. The cold North Atlantic with its strong currents, cold temperatures and a benign maritime flora and fauna are providing excellent breeding grounds for the abundance of fish and shell …

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Monsters – Faroe Islands

The old folklore often deals with issues on the borders between the known universe and a threatening outher world which people feared – or between right and wrong, defined by secular regulation and laws or by common tradition. The conceptions …

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Europa 2012 – Faroe Islands

Europa 2012 - Faroe Islands

Faroe islands issued a set of postage stamps inviting people of world to visit Faroe Islands, as a part of EUROPA 2012 series. The roar of the surf, the screams from the sea-birds – the ever changing light which can …

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Europa 2011 – Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands issued a set of stamp to mark under EUROPA 2011 to mark this year as the international year of forest as declared by United Nations. Forests – not exactly what one associates with the Faroe Islands – rather …

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Cats – Faroe Islands

“The cat lies by the door dead, and can eat neither butter nor bread.” So begins an old Faroese rhyme about a poor cat that is so in love that it has completely lost its appetite. Nobody knows when cats …

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