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30th Olympic Games London 2012 – Russia

30th Olympic Games London 2012 - Russia

Russia Post issued postage stamp to commemorate 30th Olympic Games LONDON 2012. The stamp features the emblem of the Games along with the map of the city with the scheme of the Olympic marathon route, and the silhouettes of running …

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Joint stamps issue Russia – Spain

Joint stamps issue Russia - Spain

The Russian and Spanish posts issue two joint stamps in mutual recognition of the rich artistic and cultural heritage of both countries. The stamps are devoted to the Episcopal Palace in Astorga (León) and the Church of the Saviour on …

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Joint issue Russia and Belarus – Newts

A newt is an aquatic amphibian of the family Salamandridae, although not all aquatic salamanders are considered newts. Newts are classified in the subfamily Pleurodelinae of the family Salamandridae, and are found in North America, Europe and Asia. Newts metamorphose …

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Monuments of science and technology

In 2011, a series of “Monuments of science and technology” continues to issue four stamps dedicated to the clock tower of Russia – one of the oldest types of mechanical watches. The world’s first tower clock in London, appeared on …

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Europa 2011 – Russia

In 2011 the UN declared the International Year of Forests. World Wildlife Fund also agreed to hold in 2011 under the sign of the forest, so that the subject of registration marks in tune with global initiatives. Currently, the amount …

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Russia Regions

Russia post issued three postage stamps dedicated to the Tambov, Tyumen and Novgorod Regions in continuation of the series Russia Regions. The stamps depicts: 1) monument to a peasant of Tambov in the city of Tambov, Nikiforovsky Sugar Plant, apple …

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