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Year of the Snake – Korea

Year of the Snake - Korea

The year 2013 is the year of the snake, begins on February 10th. People born in the Year of the Snake are reputed to be thoughtful and wise and to approach problems rationally and logically, seldom instinctively. year of Snake …

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2011 Millennial Anniversary of the Tripitaka Koreana

A thousand years ago, work commenced on Korea’s first woodcut Tripitaka, the “Chojo Daejanggyeong” or “the First-edition Tripitaka Koreana.” Tripitaka (Daejanggyeong) is the collection of “Gyeongjang (Sutra Pitaka),” the compilation of Buddha’s utterances, “Yuljang (Vinaya Pitaka),” the record of Buddhist …

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