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Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

India post issued a stamp honoring the Cathedral and John Connon School, undoubtedly one of the most prestigious educational institutions in this country.

For the past 150 years it has imparted the finest education through the medium of English, and has the tradition of upholding the most worthy values of the civilized world. Like all good schools, no matter how old, Cathedral never stands still. It moulds the best of the past with the challenges of the present. Once the bastion of English public school values, today it reflects the multiculturalism that is India. Although run by the Anglo Scottish Education Society, its spirit of tolerance and brotherhood of all mankind is the very essence of secular India.

The School participates in The International Award for Young People (formerly the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme) and the students are encouraged to be self-reliant, develop leadership skills and a love of the outdoors with the numerous camps and hikes conducted during the year.

It was ranked first in the Western region as the most respected school and ranked first in India for its distinguished alumni which includes top industrialists, businessmen, politicians, celebrities, and even Nobel laureates.

Title: Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai
Date of Issue: 27 October 2010
Country: India
Denominations: 500p

Source: www.indiapost.gov.in

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