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Cathedral of Salvador de Albarracin

Cathedral of Salvador de Albarracin
Spain post issued a souvenir sheet of the Cathedral of Salvador de Albarracín in the cathedral series. The souvenir sheet features a panoramic view of the cathedral and the surroundings.

The town of Albarracín is located in the province of Teruel by the river Guadalaviar at an altitude of 1,171 meters. It belongs to the diocese of Teruel – Albarracín and was declared National Monument in June 1961.

Although the Cathedral of Albarracín is built on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple, construction of the Renaissance building as we know it today was started around 1530 by Bishop Gaspar Jofre de Borja and was completed around 1595 under Bishop Martin Terrer Valenzuela who commissioned the construction of the bell tower.

In the building of the cathedral were involved masters such as Quinto Pierres Vedel, who was responsible for the construction of the roof and several chapels, and Martín de Castañeda who participated in the building of the choir and the apse of the temple. The cathedral has a single nave and the head is formed by a polygonal apse. It has a cloister connected to the Episcopal Palace and both the Cathedral as the cloister underwent a major restoration in the 18th century which gave it its current baroque appearance. The building has two entrance doors and in the inside stand out the main altar and the altarpiece devoted to the Saviour (El Salvador) after which the Cathedral is named.

Title: Cathedral of Salvador de Albarracin
Date of Issue: 15 July 2011
Country: Spain
Denominations: 2,84 €

Source: www.correos.es

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  1. The spires of the Cathedral of Salvador are quite akin to the churches in Austria and Hungary. They are akin to Muslim buildings of the era and very different from ordinary churches. It will be interesting to trace the use of roman Catholic spires on churches

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