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Celebration of winning bid for YOG 2010

Singapore post on 25th June 2008, issued a set of stamps with the denomination $2.00 and 1st Local to mark the celebration of winning bid as a host country for the inaugural Summer YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES.

The stamp shows a huge crowd dressed in a nations white and red color, gathered to celebrate city’s participation in YOG 2010 candidacy race, the crowd was over joyed at the Padang, after the International Olympic Committee announced Singapore as the first host city for the Games.

Singapore competed with 11 other cities for hosting inaugural YOG 2010. Singapore, along with Athens, Bangkok, Turin and Moscow were shortlisted in a reduced field of five cities. Later the list was reduced to two cities – Singapore and Moscow.

Title: Celebration of winning bid for YOG 2010
Date of Issue: 25 June 2008
Country: Singapore
Denominations: $2.00 and 1st Local

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