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Centenary of Henri Coanda

Romania post issued a postage stamp to mark the centenary of great aeronautical engineer Henri Coanda born in Romania.

“The future is not what comes after this, the future is what is different now.” (Henri Coanda)

One hundred years ago, a young aeronautical engineer proposed to the world a revolution that would bring the future now. He exposed at the second Paris Air Show first turbo-propeller airplane propeller.

His name: Henri Coanda. Nationality: Romanian. Age: 24 years. Education: Graduate of School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Paris (first class).

The leaflet designed to promote Coanda airplane find details of construction: maximum extent – 10.30 m, wing depth – 1.75 m, length of the device – 12.50 m, the total bearing surface – 32 m2, the total weight of the roll position Clerget engine with 50 horsepower and a propulsive turbine – 420 kg. Wings.

Construction details. Proprietary wings: the inner steel reinforcement. Outside all very polished and lacquered wood. Profiles, allowing a load of 33 kg per m2 in the center bearing, caused by repeated testing with special equipment installed on train platforms specially designed for this purpose. Wings of unequal size. Under the wings, ribs protruding through the air ducts. Wings attached to the steel tube fuselage with the lowest drag, no stretcher or cable. Relatively high center of gravity for ease of cornering … Fuselage (engine shut, containers, passengers), flanked by two radiators, front engine bearing. This engine patented (patent no. 416 541 9 August 1910) will give much trouble contemporary specialist, inventor, and those of today.

Title: Centenary of Henri Coanda
Date of Issue: 15 October 2010
Country: Romania
Denominations: 14,50L

Source: www.romfilatelia.ro

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