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Centenary of the foundation of the Cadiz football club

Spanish post commemorates the centenary of the foundation of the Cádiz Club de Fútbol by issuing a stamp in the sport series.

This year, coinciding with the club’s centenary, the Evaluating Commission of the Real Orden del Mérito Deportivo has awarded the Cádiz F.C. the Gold Plaque of the Sports Merit Award “in recognition of the brilliant sports career of this institution, which has been decisive to the national and international projection of Spanish sport”.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation dates September 10th as the founding date of the current Cádiz CF. The original team, called Cadiz Foot-Ball Club, was created on initiative of José Rivera and Lora and a group of supporters eager to have a football association in the city. Difficult times and economic and sports crisis seem to mark this team since its foundation, which for some years played under the name FC Mirandilla until June 1936 when it was renamed CF Cadiz.

After the Civil War and the resumption of the official competition, the Cádiz CF began a long and complicated period in sport in which it alternated the Second and Third Division. In 1977 it promoted to the First Division and it was in the 80s when the club reached its golden age, when the team was made up mainly of players coming through the ranks. The team has played in the First Division for twelve seasons, thirty-six in the Second and twelve in the Third Division. In the 1989/90 season it classified for semi-finals in the King’s Cup.

In September 1955 the Cádiz C.F. inaugurated the Ramon de Carranza stadium and on occasion of this opening it created the Ramon de Carranza Trophy in order to raise funds for the club. The tournament is played between popular Spanish teams and foreign ones and is one of the most popular summer events. The Cadiz F.C. has won this trophy seven times.

Title: Centenary of the foundation of the Cádiz football club
Date of Issue: 10 September 2010
Country: Spain
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Source: www.correos.es

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