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Children’s books – EUROPA

Greenland post issued a set of stamps on this year’s theme for PostEurop’s EUROPAstamps children’s books. Books for children hold great pleasure both to write and read. Often the books reach far beyond national borders through their rich imagery and they delight children andadults worldwide.

The artist who created POST Greenland’s two EUROPA-stamps this year, Julie Edel Hardenberg, is also a children’s books’ author and she well understands the sort of artwork that captures children’s interest in a world where imagination and senses can reign free.

Title: Children’s books – EUROPA
Date of Issue: 18 January 2010
Country: Greenland
Denominations: DKK 8.50, DKK 9.50

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  1. Where can I buy these stamps

    • Hello Sir, I am sorry but we do not sell ant stamp at present, you can exchange with some one or you can visit its oficial site. thanks

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