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Lithuania post will issue a set of two postage stamps featuring a girl and a boy reading a book as a part of stamp issued in the series of Europa 2010.

The first books for children were written on the grounds of myths, folk narratives, the Bible stories, primers, and catechisms, stories from the lives of saints, moral teachings, and tales. The world started celebrating the International Children’s Book Day in 1967, and Lithuania – in the year 1993. This day is celebrated on the birthday of the outstanding fairy tales writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875), the 2nd of April.

The children’s literature constitutes an equal part of the reading culture, as fairy tales help children to know the world. The books for children usually are full of illustrations, which help young readers to perceive the contents. Good illustrations supplement stories and describe characters in more details.

The books for children bring a great pleasure both to the writer and the reader, as the stories described are full of good, beauty, and honour, they are cautionary, fantastic, full of fun and teach to look into the world weaving ones fantasy.
The books are often translated into several languages; therefore they reach many countries and bring joy to children in the whole world.

Grown-up children always remember the childhood and the books read with yearning.

Title: CHILDREN’S BOOKS – Lithuania
Date of Issue: 8 May 2010
Country: Lithuania
Denominations: 2,45 Lt

Source: www.post.lt

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