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Children's world pets - Croatia

Children’s world pets – Croatia

Croatia post issued a set of stamps of Children’s world pets featuring four breeds of dogs, Bichon Frisé, Yorkshire, German Shepherd Terrier and Golden Retriever.

Bichon Frisé
It is a cute puppy, very likable and sociable. Extremely adaptable, cheerful and animated, bichon has gained many admirers since it appeared in the beginning of 70-ies of the last century as a relatively unknown breed. It is actually an old breed considered to be of French origin although exact origin is not known.

In the 14th century sailors brought it to Tenerife, and since the 15th century it has become favourite dog in kings’ courts. Bichon is a small dog, 23-30 cm tall, weighting 3-6 kg. It is white, attractively looking, and lives about 14 years.

It has a beautiful head (with opulent hair and of pronounced round shape) postured high, short snout, black nose and round eyes of colour equally dark as the skin around them. The ears are covered in thick hair and are lowered alongside head and snout.

The bichon’s body is small, but strong, with deep thorax. Its hair is 7-10 cm long, very thick and covers whole body, apart from snout, where it is shorter. Upper layer of hair is curly and the sub-hair is thick and soft. It has got broad thighs and wonderful tail, carried over its back.

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire terrier is among the smallest breeds in the world – definitely the smallest terrier – and among the most popular ones. To the fact surely contributes apart from its size also its beautiful hair and colour, well-groomed look, and also its attractive, lively nature. The dog breeders have in the course of time polished the look and character of these small puppies to perfection.

However, the history of the breed is far from the perception of an elegant puppy for company. Its ancestors were working dogs – terriers of various kinds used by hunters in fox, badger and rabbit hunt but also served as vermin terminators, primarily rat terminators. The term itself – terrier – generates from the Latin word „terra”, meaning earth, land, since these short-legged dogs searched the ground and underground looking for its prey.

German Shepherd
In the world there are almost four hundred breeds of dogs whereof the German shepherd is the most spread. It was brought to our parts of the world about hundred years ago (according to some information, to Osijek) where a presentation of police dogs’ skills was held, among whom was also this dog, especially devoted to man.

The German shepherd is for many people the most favourite and the most intelligent dog, but there are also those who would say that it is a dangerous animal. In our areas people named it wolf dog. That name was given to the dog by those who think that in its veins still the wolf’s blood flows.

To this dog protection the cynologist stand up, people who are well acquainted with its temper, nature, devotedness, generosity and many other virtues it possesses.

Golden Retriever
Golden retriever was recognised in 1913 as special breed, and since then its popularity is constantly growing. It has been one of the most popular breeds for years in the United States and the reason is not its golden colour in the spectrum from almost white and yellowish white to golden, but its golden nature.

The breed was created to be of help to hunters in retrieving game as e.g. after duck and pheasant shooting, because golden retrievers love water above all.

Today, golden retriever is a family member – a cheerful dog reliable in play with children, without any trace of aggressiveness, a dog who will always welcome you cheerfully wagging his tail.

Children's world pets - Croatia

Title: Children’s world pets – Croatia
Date of Issue: 21 February 2013
Country: Croatia
Denominations: 3,1 HRK x 4

Source: http://www.posta.hr

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