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Children's world pets stamps from Croatia

Eye catching Children’s world pets stamps from Croatia

Children’s world have always been fascinating with lots of imagination and creativity. Children love various beautiful eye catching toys, pet animals and birds to name a few.

Croatia post issued Children’s world pets stamps featuring four Eye catching aquarium fishes namely rainbow fish – guppy, Siamese fighting fish, angelfish and goldfish.

The stamps have very creative designs featuring characteristics of each fish.

Children’s world pets stamps

# Rainbow fish – guppy
Rainbow fish originates from Middle and South America and is among most frequent tropical fishes bred in aquariums. It was brought to Europe during 20th century.

It belongs to tropical fishes because it needs heated water in aquarium (26 °C), pretty hard and can also live in brackish water. Rainbow fishes bear live babies and together with some other families, belong to live-bearing fishes.

They feed on water insects’ larvae, and if the insects are small they eat also adult insects. Males are from 1.5 to 3 cm long, and females from 3 to 5 cm. Males are much nicer in colours than females, partly in order that they might attract them while the other reason is to bait eventual chasers.

# Siamese fighting fish
Siamese fighting fish originates from Southeast Asia and is a characteristic example of lungfish, which apart from gills have another organ for breathing, the so called labyrinth.

In nature they need it in order to survive the lack of oxygen in water and during drought. These fishes in nature often live in rice fields and sometimes find themselves on dry land. Then they lie in mud and breathe oxygen from atmosphere.

Most often we keep in aquariums male fishes because they are more colourful and have bigger fins than female fishes.

# Angelfish
Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) Angelfish originates from South America, and lives in Amazon River, its tributaries and in some lakes. It was brought to Europe in the 20th century when its breeding in aquariums began.

Angelfish is a monogamy fish and a pair remains together for the whole life. Because of their elegance and calmness it became one of the most often bred species in aquariums. In nature angelfish lives in soft and slightly acid water of 27 °C, but bred species got accustomed also to our harder and more alkaline water.

# Goldfish
Goldfish is among the most frequent pets in the world and the most favourite one in aquariums. It originates from Eastern Asia while first documents on its breeding originate from China, from the 3rd century.

At the beginning of the 17th century seafarer brought them to Europe where their breeding began at first in garden lakes, and then also in bowls. All this contributed to today’s diversity in colours so that today goldfishes can be white, yellow, orange, red, brown and even completely black. Equally, the shapes of their body, head, eyes, fins and tail come in many variants.

Children's world pets stamps from Croatia

Title: Children’s world pets stamps
Date of Issue: 22 February 2016
Country: Croatia
Denominations: 3,1 HRK x 4

Source: Croatia Stamps

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  1. There is spring in the air to see (read about) the 3 Croatian stamps with perfumes of Lavender. India is a land of spices; it would have been a wonderful release to have Indian stamps with Croatia, of mint, lemon grass and cinamon etc spreading aromas of the East. Ind CROt shold come together.

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