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Christmas 2010 – Brazil

Brazil post issued a stamp in form of souvenir sheet to celebrate Christmas this year.

The block displays the image of Joseph and Mary, gathered around the baby Jesus, from which emanate rays of light representing the love and familial love. The doves flying reinforce the message “Merry Christmas, lots of peace and prosperity.” Above, an angel blessing the Holy Family, bringing the star of Bethlehem hanging from a stick.

Title: Christmas 2010 – Brazil
Date of Issue: 22 October 2010
Country: Brazil
Denominations: B$2.70

Source: http://www.correios.com.br/


  1. If you check to the link below, you will see that the issue date is the 20th of October, not 12th of November:
    Spyros Papayannis

  2. Vatican is the only country with charming Christmas stamps. Australia, New Zealand, Crotia, brazil have uninteresting stamps, rather not issued.
    C D singh

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