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Christmas 2010 – Estonia

Estonia post will issue a set of stamps to celebrate the Christmas this year.

Fluffy snowflakes are playfully swirling up and down. „The evening has somehow become very quiet,“ I tell them and put two small gingerbreads into my mouth.

On that day there is something extraordinary taking place everywhere. It is a mixture of pumpkin jam and black pudding, spruce needles and brisk air, candles and presents packed into colourful paper. I sit on the sledge, holding my bag in front of me and merrily slide down the hillock. „There seem to be more of you than usual,“ I tell the stars and eat another gingerbread. Santa’s helpers march across the icebound lake, I pat them on their shoulders and run home. The others are waiting for me already. Happy Christmas!

Title: Christmas 2010 – Estonia
Date of Issue: 25 November 2010
Country: Estonia
Denominations: 5.50, 9.00

Source: www.post.ee

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