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Christmas 2010 – Finland

Finland post issued three special stamps featuring Santa Claus and his reindeer and Lapland to celebrate christmas this year.

Santa Claus and his reindeer is a very common pair all over the world. So it is only natural to have them both in Finnish Christmas stamps. The designer, Tommi Vallisto, has succeeded to capture Santa’s friendly expression and the expectant reindeer waiting for the Christmas sleigh ride!

The beauty of the special kind of darkness in Lapland – kaamos
comes out in the stamp designed by Tommi Vallisto, who has studied in the University of Lapland. Over the fells there flies a team of three reindeers drawing Santa Claus in the sleigh. The full moon makes the light slightly red.

Title: Christmas 2010 – Finland
Date of Issue: 5 November 2010
Country: Finland
Denominations: 0.55 €, 1LK KL

Source: http://posti.fi/

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